Monday, January 28, 2008

Updates? What updates?

Well, I finally made it to the internets! Thanks to Juan Torres for very kindly setting up this blog for me. I've been threatening to do this for years but it would still be nothing but talk if not for his efforts. I'm hoping to keep the updates as current as I can. After 12 years of freelancing I  somehow managed to find myself in a full-time job at Lucasfilm Animation Ltd. working as a designer on the forthcoming 'Clone Wars' 3D TV series (!) 
LAL have yet to realise that there's been some terrible mistake so I'm just keeping quiet and showing up every day. Everything from the show is still under wraps so the upcoming posts will all be from side projects and the, ahem, 'archives'. For now I've posted a few scans of sketchcards that I worked on for two of Topps' trading cards sets for '08, 'Lord of the Rings Masterpieces II' and 'Indiana Jones: Heritage'.
I hadn't worked on any sketchcards since Topps' 'Revenge of the Sith' release and the hobby has come a long way since then. I tried to keep these drawings nice and loose but there's a lot more going here than there was on the older, quicker cards. I don't mean to say these are' better' in any way, I don't believe that detail automatically equals quality, I just spent longer on these cards, is all…

Thanks for stopping by, updates and stuff to come, hope you enjoy,