Monday, February 25, 2008

Scribbles are good for you

So it's the day after WonderCon, which, despite the horizontal rain, was fun to visit. First off I have to say thanks to Dave Filoni, Supervising Director on the Clone Wars, for the shout out during his presentation on saturday evening. The cheque is in the post, Dave. But I still prefer Kit Fisto.
I didn't get around to all the tables I'd have liked to in Artist's Alley but over all I thought that the show was pretty much the ideal size. San Diego is an experience and all but it's gotten so big

I decided to put up some thumbnails tonight. The Superman ones are from a DC one-shot from a few years back. I've posted how the final cover ended up so you can compare and contrast them. Thumbnails are something almost everyone does and there's usually a really great sketchy energy to them that all too often gets a bit lost when working on the big fancy final version. These are pretty much 'actual size'. They may not be all that glamourous but I think they're fun to look at.
The other images are from an issue of 'Star Wars:Republic' that's been used again for one of Dark Horse's more recent hardcover reprints. Originally Luke was in the picture, he got replaced by Doc from the Rogue Squadron books at Randy Stradley's suggestion. Then her helmet got revised to match the established one from the comics for the final print version.
Although I learned a lot about digital colouring while working on this run of 'Darklighter' covers, I like the thumbnail more!

I should mention that some poor misguided souls are visiting the yahoo group listed on the left, I need to get over there and see it for myself one of these days…


BKO said...

As always,......very nice!! I'm glad you posted the sketches as well.

Kilian Plunkett said...

Brian O Connell, everybody!
I'll link to his cool blog once I've got these internets figured out.

jamie said...

great star wars art,
any chance of digging out some of the dim forces sketches you did?
or character sketches for shadows of the empire?
ahhh,shadows of the empire,lol.

Grant Gould said...

What's this? Do my eyes deceive me? An update in Kilian's blog? *faint*

:) Glad to hear WonderCon was a good time.. I'm gonna have to check that show out one of these years. Sounds like I would much prefer it over something insanely massive like SDCC.


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FT said...

A blog? On the interweb? What took ya so long?

intergalactic said...

Lucky for you your a busy artist and can't get around to updating your blog!


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